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Affordable Full Frame Camera

I wanted a full frame camera that used SD cards. The Cannon 6D mark 1 is a great body. I love everything but the autofocus.

Best Affordable Telephoto

I wanted a telephoto lens that was lightweight (F2.8 is a beast) with IS. The Canon 70-200 is a great lens

Great "Normal" Zoom

This replaced my broken 24-105 F4L. Love the macro function of this lens along with the super useful zoom range.

Wide Angle Zoom

I had the 14mm F2.8L and loved it on my crop body camera, but when I switched to the full frame it was hard to keep my toes out of the shot. So I sold it to pay for part of the Canon 6D body and this 17-40 F4L.

Heavy Duty Light Stand

What can I say. It's heavy, but it holds 88Lbs!